The Investor Relations Division is responsible for overseeing the disclosure of information to our stakeholders such as shareholders, investors, analysts and general public by providing information and facilitating those who want to obtain information from the Company. The Company focuses on the quality of information, transparent, accurate, complete, and equitable disclosure through reliable channels that are easily accessible. Our stakeholders will be assured of accurate, complete, and rapid exchange of information. A channel has been opened for submitting any questions or inquiries related to the business of the Company via email: or contact Investor Relations Team as listed below.

1. Jittasak Soonthornpan
Acting VP - Corporate Finance & IR T. 662-265-8172
2. Paween Chiasakul
Division Manager, Investor Relations T. 662-265-8665
3. Nattchanon Chawinsittangkul
IR Analyst T. 662-265-8364
4. Krittin Sawasdeewongsa
IR Analyst T. 662-265-8637
5. Panit Yamprasert
IR Analyst T. 662-265-8513
6. Tanuntorn Karunyatorn
IR Analyst T. 662-265-8533